Mount Olivet Church of the Brethren

Serving God, Serving His People

Christian Church in Newport, PA

At Mount Olivet Church of the Brethren, we believe in living simply with the goal of continuing the work that Jesus began thousands of years ago. Our congregation works to spread the love of Christ to Newport, PA, the surrounding communities, and the wider world. Whether you’re looking for a way to serve others or searching for spiritual answers, we’re eager to meet you!


Furthering Jesus’ Work in the Modern World

Mount Olivet is part of the Church of the Brethren, a denomination of Christian churches that began in Germany over three centuries ago. Part of the Southern District of Pennsylvania, we live by the teachings of Jesus Christ, following his example of love to all people. Our way of life emphasizes careful consideration of how we go about our days, using our resources to support the needs of the world around us.

Welcoming to All

If you’ve been searching for a place to feel at home, our church welcomes you with open arms. Devoted to the study of the Bible and living in community with one another, we strive to love and encourage each other through every stage of life. If you’re a visitor, we invite you to attend one of our worship services to learn more about our beliefs.

Biblically Based Preaching

The Bible is our guide in everything we do, from educating one another to reaching out to the Newport community. Our sermons and worship services are rooted in God’s word, and we offer small groups and Bible studies for anyone who wants to dive deep into the Scriptures. We believe the Word is just as applicable today as it was in Jesus’s time, and we seek to emulate Christ’s teachings in our daily lives.

Visit Us Today

Even if you’ve never set foot in a church before today, we welcome you to visit Mount Olivet Church of the Brethren. We provide a warm and supportive community of believers who live out their faith alongside one another. Learn more by contacting us or trying one of our church services. We’d love for you to join us!